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The Closing Scenes of the Life of Christ

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"It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of Christ. We should take it point by point, and let the imagination grasp each scene, especially the closing ones. As we thus dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, our confidence in Him will be more constant, our love will be quickened, and we shall be more deeply imbued with His spirit. " -- from The Desire of Ages, page 83


Portraits of Jesus
George W. Brown

Portraits of Jesus is a daily devotional about the names, titles, and appellations by which Christ is portrayed in the Bible. Through this inspiring assortment of names and titles, the author has endeavored to focus on all aspects of the life, ministry, and character of Jesus. Portraits of Jesus offers readers an ideal opportunity to engage in this daily "contemplation of the life of Christ" by focusing on the spiritual and theological significance of the many names and titles of our Redeemer. To facilitate this daily contemplation, a special Bible text, containing a name or title of Jesus, has been carefully selected for each day of the year. Accompanying the text for each day is an appropriate commentary on the day's title, followed by a relevant quotation from the writings of Ellen G. White and a written meditation prayer.


My Life Today
Ellen G. White

My Life Today is a devotional book drawn from Ellen G. White's writings, who through seventy years ministered to the spiritual needs of those about her. The principles of Christian living were to her not merely the subject of writing or public address, but they were exemplified in her own life. These readings touch every part of a Christian's life- from spiritual growth, to the lessons drawn from the lives of Bible heroes, to our responsibility to society. Many of the excerpts were taken from unpublished sources and articles, and though they focus on different points of life, they each give the same message of practical Christianity in daily life.


Daily Light on the Daily Path
Prepared by Jonathan Bagster and Other Members of His family.

Daily Light on the Daily Path is one of the most beloved devotionals of all time. Each morning and evening devotion is a short Bible study with scriptures from the King James Bible compiled according to a biblical theme, with no anecdotes, commentary, or stories to distract the reader, thus permitting the scriptures to speak for themselves. The devotions are often sequential, carrying a theme from morning to morning or evening to evening.